Brooklyn City College Corporate Training Division was established in 2009 with the aim of providing short duration, high quality and high-intensity Management Training courses to companies and individuals in South Africa.

Since then we have expanded our range of training courses to include Management Training, Secretarial Training, Financial Training, HR Training, Call Centre & Marketing Training, Business and Specialist Training, as well as IT Skills.

Each of our short duration training courses is carefully researched with the market to ensure customers’ needs are identified and met. All of our training courses are of a practical nature and provide skills that are easy to implement back in the work environment.

Our corporate training solutions are geared towards both private and public organisations that need to upskill and develop their employees according to sector- or industry-specific training needs. Over the past 10 years, we have been providing quality training programmes and short courses that address clients’ unique training and professional development goals, while remaining competitively priced by offering all-inclusive, customised in-house training.

Our Vision

Brooklyn City College is a diverse, progressive educational environment
enriching the lives of students, employees and our community.

Our Mission Statements

Brooklyn City College is dedicated to student success. The College is committed to

  • Providing educational programs that maintain the highest standards of student performance.
  • Providing an educational environment that emphasizes critical thinking and decision making, reflection and creativity.
  • Providing innovation and enriching educational experiences for its varied constituencies.
  • Responding to community needs through a variety of means, including collaboration with organizations and businesses.
  • Providing a culturally competent and sensitive environment that reflects and celebrates diversity; and
  • Providing a culture that supports employee success and encourages professional growth.