This programme aims to equip the learner with the knowledge and appreciation of the South African business environment and to empower the learner to be an efficient and effective office administrator with a view to moving into management in the long term.


Learners could pursue any of the following career fields:

  • Office administration
  • Office management
  • Business administration


The following outcomes will be achieved in this programme:
• Demonstrate knowledge and appreciation of the South African business environment
• Demonstrate knowledge of how the office interacts with every part of the business
• Demonstrate an understanding of the role of business in society
• Describe various economic systems
• Describe the types and characteristics of different forms of business ownership
• List the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of business ownership
• Discuss the role of an office administrator
• Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of working in and running a reception area
• Apply knowledge of receiving and assisting visitors in practical and simulated situations
• Plan and implement a filing system in an organisation
• Identify problem areas in a mail room with regards to the handling of incoming and outgoing mail and suggest solutions
• Describe different types of diaries
• Describe the principles involved in managing a diary
• Communicate using various forms of business correspondence in an effective manner
• Demonstrate a basic understanding of computer hardware and software
• Name various categories and give examples of computer hardware and software
• Describe the features that may be found on a photocopier
• Demonstrate an understanding of how data is processed in an organisation
• Describe the principles and procedures of ordering office supplies and maintaining optimal levels of stocking these supplies
• Describe the types of and reasons for source documents used when working with office supplies
• Perform basic VAT calculations


  • Part-time
  • Brooklyn Short Programme*

Short Programmes upgrade skills and knowledge to ensure success in a chosen field of learning, but are not credit bearing.


The programme duration is 3 Months and the tuition is face-to-face. Each Brooklyn campus has a different tuition schedule. Programmes are offered 08:00- 12:00 on Saturdays. Please inquire at Brooklyn campus.


Learners are required to have knowledge, comprehension and application of English at Grade 10 or equivalent.


All textbooks are included in the tuition fee.


There are no additional costs payable for this programme.


An integrated assessment approach, using both formative and summative methods of assessments, is used. Learners must be prepared to allocate additional time every week to complete research projects, assignments, tasks or tests as required.


On successful completion of the programme, the learner will receive a Brooklyn Short Programme Certificate  in Office Administration.

*A Brooklyn Short Programme is a programme offered by Brooklyn and quality assured by the Brooklyn Academic Board


4 MonthsR 500R 700R 3 300
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